There are many challenges when it comes to gaming on Linux but it’s even more difficult to get something up and running that’s so old that it’s a hassle to do it under Windows as well.

In essence you have to deal with the setup you’d do in Windows (which is already nontrivial) and apply all of it through the layer of abstraction that is running Windows software on Linux. Fun.

Anyway, Gothic 2 is one of my favorite games of all times and I recently discovered that there are some very interesting mods for it out there which I’ve never tried. I know I’m like 10 years late with this realization, so sue me.

As a note to others (and most of all myself), here’s how to do it:

  1. Install the game in a wine prefix (the gog version via Lutris is usually most convenient but doing it by hand or through proton on Steam should also work)
  2. Add vcrun2008, vcrun2010 and directmusic libraries with winetricks in prefix. Make sure wine-mono is installed globally (use protontricks for Steam install).
  3. Run winecfg in prefix and make sure that the dsound library override is exactly set to “(builtin, native)”
    • It is possible that this must be done via command line and not with the built-in Lutris winecfg button.

From here on out, it depends on what you wanna do. It is recommended to install several patches, namely

especially if you want to mod the game (which I wanted when I installed this). There are other things that can be modded and installed, especially the D3D11 Renderer is often mentioned but I’ve got to admit I didn’t notice any difference with that (I’m not much of a graphics connoisseur though).

Afterwards, any mods may be installed, e.g. “L’Hiver” or “Legend of Ahssûn” by running the downloaded exe files.

Finally the executable must be changed to the newly created “GothicStarter.exe” (or some workaround therefor) to run these mods (for the vanilla version just leave the .exe as is).

Enjoy one of the coolest RPGs ever created!